Old Friends

May 17, 2011

My parents stayed with us last weekend while they attended a concert.  With them arrived a very old friend of mine.  Golli!

My amazing Nanna knitted Golli for my eldest brother when he was a baby, although a few years later he befriended me too.  Nanna was a prolific knitter and all her items came with so much love - Golli was no exception.  Complete with bow-tie, tails and little yellow shoes he is such a cutie.

Golli surely has seen a few generations now and although the top of his head is a bit worse for wear, the rest of him is still going strong.  

Now Golli and our little poppet seems to have become fast friends.  How sweet!

Long live old friends.

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Oh, how sweet! I had a Golli when I was growing up, that had been made for my dad. Unfortunately my dog chewed him all up when I was a teenager and my mum threw him out! I still get sad thinking about that - I wish I had Golli to pass on to my kids, especially as my husband has saved a bunch of his soft toys from childhood and passed them on. Your wee one is adorable! Magnificent hair!