Garage Sale

September 02, 2010

A friend of mine Annette, who knows how much I love embroidery, picked up a bunch of vintage embroidered table cloths and tray cloths from a garage sale for me!

They are so beautiful. The needlework produced from previous generations is exquisite and it is mind blowing the amount of time and care that has gone into making some of these pieces.

Some of them have a few stains - but when I recycle them into cloth baby shoes I can just cut around any blemishes.

One of them is in such good condition, I'm not sure that I can cut it up - I might have to use it as a lovely spring tablecloth for outdoor picnics for now...

Thanks so much Annette. I'll be making these into baby shoes for my shop over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out and you will recognise the fabrics!

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