Op Shop Finds

November 23, 2010

We did a little trip around the local op shops (thrift stores) together on the weekend and came across a few finds I thought I would share with you... Lately I have been finding embroideries and lovely woolen fabrics which I remade into little capes, but this trip saw me with a few different items.

A sweet tree made of pine cones - a natural alternative to lots of tinsel around my sewing desk.  $2

A rather large. very heavy ceramic pig.  Actually my honey bought her, he has named her Margaret and given her pride of place by the TV.  She enjoys Coro St much to his displeasure.

Some off-cuts and vintage fabrics which I plan to make into Christmas stockings.  
I'm looking forward to making stockings out of linen, with some floral accents and handmade lace.

I also came home with two lovely classic 100% NZ wool blankets which were being laundered when pics were taken. $2 each.

I love op shopping :)


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Gosh, I love your stuff. Absolutely beautiful. Do you have a pattern for the baby slippers on your etsy site? I do a lot of thrift store shopping myself. Lately I have been buying a lot of wool sweaters and felting them. I thought that the slippers would be great made from felted sweaters. Solvita

  2. Hi Solvita, I am hoping to release a few new designs after the holiday break - they are not quite ready yet. The hooded pixie cape is on my list to make into a PDF pattern too:)


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