February 03, 2011

You may have noticed that is has been at least a week since my last blog post.
It is now 6 weeks until our first little baby is due and during the week I have moved cities, bought a car, changed midwives, and put an offer in on a house only to discover some significant issues with it at the last minute.

We now need to find a flat urgently and are likely to be moving within a few weeks of her due date.  Perhaps it is just the nesting phase, but I am finding it rather difficult to cope with the changes.  Not knowing where we might be living in a few weeks time leaves me with a feeling of being unable to prepare myself to a certain degree.

I feel overwhelmed and a little blue at the moment, however have given myself today (and today only) to wallow before getting on with it and making it happen.  Perhaps today I will make a cake.  A little sense of achievement amongst the chaos.

On a brighter note, we found some empty heron eggs in the flower garden.  After further investigation we discovered a wonderful nest in the Puriri tree above with the little chicks in it.  How comforting to find life going on.

I am looking forward to watching their progress over the next few weeks.


  1. wow 6 weeks to go! i can so understand your need to nest/get ready for baby, here's hoping a flat comes up really quickly for you, what a shame about the issues with the house. good luck with the flat hunting and hope you are feeling good :)

  2. I hope you find somewhere soon.

  3. How are things going for you as far as finding a new place? Really felt for you when I first read this post a week or so ago, so hope things are falling into place for you - you don't need the extra stress/worry right before your little one arrives!
    Thinking of you :o)


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