Vintage Trims

February 11, 2011

Megan from Mousehouse has given me some inspiration this week with her organised home challenge.

I didn't feel like taking on a massive project  (I had to go for an extra scan today which was a little stressful), but I did want to start somewhere, so I chose a drawer I have been meaning to do for ages.

Odds and ends of ric-rac, bias binding, braiding and the like were all in a tangled mess.   I started off by making some winding cards to fit neatly into my oddment drawers.  After 3 hours of winding, my little drawer looks so much prettier!

A small project but one that definitely makes me feel more organised.  Perhaps the ribbon drawer tomorrow?

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  1. they look so lovely all tidy in your drawer, that must have been a very satisfying project! my ribbons are still needing a bit of sorting, they get out of control so easily! hope your scan was ok, i needed a lateish scan with Stella as she was a bit little but it was ok. Not long to go now for you! thanks heaps for linking up to my challenge, you'll like this weeks project, getting ready for baby! hope you've had some success house hunting :)


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