Oh Baby

March 16, 2011

My life changed a few days ago.  Two weeks before schedule, our darling first little daughter burst into our lives and hearts.

Seeing her for the first time was such an amazing moment.  Someone told me once  "I would fall in love like I have never fallen in love before".  She was right.

She is absolutely adorable and such a little angel - of course I am biased!  I have trouble taking my eyes off her and am still in disbelief that I created something so beautiful and perfect.  She arrived in 4 hours weighing 3.3 kg (7 pounds 5 ounces) with a full head of hair.

The first few days have been a blur of overwhelming emotions of love and joy.  I believed pregnancy had prepared me somewhat, but the actual reality of a new little life is something that no-one could have prepared me for.  

Being a new Mum is amazing.  I feel so privileged.


  1. Congratulations, she is gorgeous! These first few weeks are so magical and precious, so happy for you :)

  2. Oh Lisa - she is beautiful - you are absolutely right! Enjoy every minute.

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    She is gorgeous. There is no other word for it. What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!

  4. What a gorgeous wee girl!

  5. Congratulations, what a beautiful little girl!


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