Flowering Birth Tree

July 11, 2011

Our poppet was lucky enough to receive a "birth tree" from each set of her grandparents.  One a flowering tree and one an edible tree. The idea was that she can experience them growing and have a connection to the garden which is entirely hers.

Her flowering tree is a camelia, chosen especially for it's pretty pink feminine colour and highly fragrant blooms.  I didn't realise that camelias had fragrance, but indeed this one does.  It smells divine as you walk out the front door, almost like the fragrance of an old fashioned rose.

We have it in a pot outside our kitchen window and I have been watching the buds form over the last few weeks.  Whilst making my morning cup of tea yesterday I discovered an explosion of blooms!

It really is very pretty.  I was hoping to capture its essence in embroidery but after looking at a bloom for a while I was perplexed by how best to do so.  In the end I decided that I would simply admire it just how it is on tree.

Thanks to her grandparents (my honey's side) for this special gift.

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  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    What an AMAZING idea. The camellia looks divine. Love the idea of a gift that she will be able to nuture and enjoy as she grows older :)


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