July 27, 2011

Lately on my walks I often seem to find myself saying "I wish I bought my camera with me".  Now, along with my phone, house key and mandarin (for my obligatory rest and admire spot) my camera is part of my walk.

Today's stroll encompassed the Magnolia grove in Cornwall Park.  The few bursts of pink against the clear blue sky were so pretty I stopped and enjoyed my mandarin while viewing them.

I take lots of pics of flowers while walking, frequently rather little ones, which have beautiful detail or colour.  My plan is usually to embroider them when I get home. Sometimes it happens, but more often than not my time is more importantly spent with our new baby.

So for now I simply take the time to admire, sometimes photograph and hopefully when time allows again, I'll return to some relaxing embroidery and handwork inspired by them once more.

Seems a little strange to be enjoying a day like this, while some of country is frolicking in snow!


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