GIVEAWAY! - One Year Anniversary

August 30, 2011

Today marks one year since my first blog post and I would love you to join my giveaway for the chance to win a jacket or cape for your little girl or boy valued at $100!

My sewing journey has come a long way in a year... Of course at school we learnt the basics of how to thread the machine but I only remember making a pillowcase so there was plenty of room for improvement!

Over the last year I have learned all sorts of bit and pieces from the internet, tutorials, friends and books, but mostly just from simply having a go.  Everything from embroidery to creating patterns has been a learning curve for me and I'm so pleased I persevered!

My favorite item of clothing when I was a child was a cape that my Nanna knitted for me for my birthday.  She didn't have a pattern but I told her what I wanted and away she went. It was so gorgeous - a rich burgundy colour with little white flowers embroidered over the chest.  It had a secret pocket on the inside for storing my treasures (how cool) and I felt like the most special girl alive when I was wearing it.

No surprise when I wanted to design some special capes for little girls!   It seems like no time at all since my first cape was conceived (Mouse and his toadstool house pictured at top) followed by my first pirate jacket and since then I have never looked back and enjoyed every minute of designing and dreaming up new ideas.

To celebrate my one year anniversary I would like to offer a very special giveaway to one lucky follower...

A cape or jacket for your little one (or a friend's little one) suitable for a boy or a girl and the cape or jacket is available in size 1, 2, 3 or 4.
These are valued at $100 so a very special prize indeed!

To enter all you have to do is...
Leave a comment on this post or a comment over on the giveaway post on my 
Big Little Facebook page.   If you have a favourite childhood item of clothing I would love to read about it, otherwise any comment is fine!

For extra entries ...if you like you can 
-follow my blog
-'like' my Big Little Facebook page
-put my giveaway button on your blog
Just let 
me know in the comments section if you already do or have done any of the above- each one above gets you an extra entry :)

Entries close Sunday the 4th September, anyone can enter (non bloggers just leave your email address ) and international entries welcome.

Giveaway will be announced on Monday (my Facebook page needs to reach 100 followers by then), so be sure to tell all your friends!

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all,



  1. I liked your Facebook page right after I bought my daughter one of your capes (the butterfly one) this past weekend! There's something about the pixie hood and the whimsical little butterflies that reminds me of my childhood sooo much! I wanted this Irish red walking cape since I was 11 or so- I asked for it every year for Christmas until I was 17! Never got it- but I'm glad I can see my dream fulfilled on my daughter! Her name is Norah Mae- she was born April 22nd of this year!

  2. oo I didn't know you had a FB page .. going there to 'like' right now :-) I remember my favourite nightie from when I was little .. when I grew up it became the top half of pj's because I loved it sooo much! (never do know what became of that ..?!)

  3. Sarah T5:56 PM

    I remember loving one of my mum's long knitted scarves. It was black with gold flecks through it and I used to wear it as a wig ;)

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! J.x

  5. I love your capes :) my fav childhood outfit would have to be a Snoopy sweatshirt I used to wear with a matching snoopy handbag- thought I was the bees knees!!!

  6. Oh My! How gorgeous are these capes!? And the Pixie Hats!! Aargh! I'm in love!!!
    Seen your page on Mousehouse's Facebook page, glad I did see it, now I will be a regular to your blog too!

  7. Your capes are soo beautiful, my daughter would love one of those, so clever!

  8. Hello, your capes are beautiful! I have two favourite dresses my nana made me, and my daughter loves wearing them too (kind of holly hobbie style..)

  9. yes please! i love these capes! happy anniversary!

  10. Rachel9:58 PM

    You are the most amazing cleverest lady!! I love love love everything that you come up with, everything is so very gorgeous!

  11. I had a pair of overalls with an apple on the chest that I wore when I was at kinder. Parent of friends remember me as the 'little girl in the apple overalls'. Your blog is beautiful and that Woodland Cape is divine. I'm terribly in love with the red Mary Janes in your shop too. Happy one year anniversary.

  12. I have liked your facebook page and recommended your giveaway to others. Would love one of your capes for my two wee girls to share :)

  13. Happy anniversary, I can't believe that you've only been sewing for a year! What a generous giveaway, I would love to win.
    I had a pink and white gingham dress that I adored when I was little.

  14. oooo your capes are gorgeous!

  15. I came upon you through mousehouse, and boy has it put a smile on my face! Headed straight over to like your page :) Love the pirate cape for boys, I always struggle for my little man. Congratulations on your mile stone!

  16. I came here following mousehouse's link and I am happy I did. Beautiful capes. Love capes, as they are easy to put on/off, fit for longer and look ever so cute on the little ones!

  17. Anonymous2:05 AM

    These capes are adorable! I don't remember having a favorite article of clothing as a kid, but I'm sure I did! My girls tend to like dresses more than anything, though, and if it has a tutu or a picture of the Little Mermaid on it, then you can bet they'll wear it!

  18. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I liked your page on Facebook.

  19. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I started following your blog.

  20. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Have liked your facebook page for a while. I just love love love your capes, so fantastically done, your so clever, would love to win for my 3 year old daughter. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one. I don't have a blog but will post on facebook wall. :)

    paula hudson

  21. I have just liked your FB page - these are so cool! You are one talented lady. No one fav piece of clothing from my childhood - only thing for sure that I can say is that it wasn't my school uniform!!

  22. Anthea Anderson1:55 PM

    Cool capes they look fantastic
    I've signed up to facebook and your blog as well :)

    Anthea -

  23. I just bought a pdf of your pixie hat pattern and am so excited to try it out, then "liked" your fb page right away. I can't get over the pirate jacket. It's just so so cool. My favorite thing I had when I was a child was a dress my mother made for me when I was 5. We went to the fabric store and I picked out a strawberry pattern calico, and she made me a jumper dress while I sat on her lap and "helped" her sew. Now my 3 year old does that with me and while sometimes it can be a little challenging, it bring such a joy to my heart that it's worth all that pulled thread. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  24. Anonymous7:51 PM

    just liked you f.b and folllow ur blog, love ur work!!! my fave item when i was little was a soft nitie made 4 me by my mum :)

    Sammy collis

  25. Anonymous12:17 PM

    My favorite piece of clothing was a simple white terry cloth dress with red piping and red buttons. My mom bought it for me to take on a vacation with my grand parents. I also had matching Dr. Scholl's sandals. My Nanna and Papa took me to Washington D.C. and I wore that dress to tour the White House.
    To add a bit of irony to the story I now live in the Washington D.C. metro and have toured the White House on occasion. Every time I do I think of my Nanna and Papa and wearing that dress. I wish I could hug my Papa.

  26. Mismouse9:40 PM

    So impressed with your beautiful pieces and would love to add another one to the collection! Congratulations on your anniversary - keep up the fabulous work!

  27. How clever you are!!! The capes and coats are gorgeous!!! I know my little boys (twins) would adore one of your pirate coats!!
    My favourite piece of clothing when I was young were my denim coulottes!! I remember feeling very cool in them!!!! Oh the 70s......and they are coming back....ah, but would my girls feel as cool....not sure about that!!!

  28. Following your blog via email and have liked your page. Look forward to reading about what you are up to.


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