Little Red Riding Hood

February 17, 2012

Update:  Finished cape pics are here.

A Little Red Riding Hood Cape has been a long time coming :)   So many requests, so many beautiful thrifted red garments in gorgeous fabrics in my stash and so many ideas about to come together!

This particular cape is a custom order for a little girl in Australia ready for the winter.  

Vintage red velvet with a silvery grey tree, a grey and black wolf and of course "Little Red" and her basket.  

Will keep you posted over the next month with some updates as it comes together.  I'm really excited about working on this one and have ideas for some Little Red Riding Hood shoes and bags to co-ordinate too.  How cute will that be!

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  1. Totally excited to see! Sounds like it's going to be gorgeous! Are you going to be making more of these in the future. I love the ones you made Lucy (red velvet, and the little mouse cape). She's still too little to wear them but I just pull them out of the closet to look at them like art from time to time.

  2. Erica S11:26 AM

    Hi Lisa - thanks for giving me your card on Mon. I've had a lovely time looking at your blog; you make beautiful things and take great photos :-)


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