Little Red Riding Hood Cape

March 15, 2012

Well although it has taken a wee while - my Little Red Riding Hood Cape is finally completed!  

Today the cape was posted to it's new little owner, and I have to admit I did have a pang of sorrow to see it go! 

You can read my original blog post here which features the preliminary sketches...  I did make a few little changes and additions, but it is pretty close to the original sketch which is rare!

"Little Red" who is picking wildflowers on her way to Grandma's house,  meets "Wolf' near the silvery grey tree.

The scene is cut from felt and entirely hand stitched on with hundreds of tiny stitches and lots of patience.  The finer details are embroidered, such as the facial features and basket detailing.   The wildflower meadow is fashioned from green felt with little coloured french knots stitched on for the flowers.

I think when you spend so many hours (months in this case!) working on one garment,  you bond with it in a way that is a little hard to describe.  

I start to imagine a wee person wearing it - visiting the grandparents, adventuring in the park, shopping trips, feeding the ducks, etc.  It makes the garment feel like it is coming alive, if that makes any sense!

Despite all the challenges, what I really love about this cape is that I know it will never be forgotten.  There is a little girl out there who will be enchanted by this cape and have some amazing childhood memories in it.  

To me, this is what handmade is all about :)


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  1. You constantly amaze me with your beautiful creations. This is definitely a piece of clothing that the owner will proudly talk about for years to come!

  2. It's beautiful Lisa, what a wonderful garment for a wee girl! ( PS: I found some more buttons for you so email me with your address )

  3. Wow, this is amazing! Love it. Jx

  4. Love it! Beautiful as always.

  5. This is a cape to keep forever. Your work is exquisite and special. x

  6. oh my goshm this is adorable! I made the oliver and s cape last week and this puts it to shame!!! Love your work!

  7. wow, it is so beautiful! such detailed work!!! i'm sure the little person (and their parents) will treasure it :)

  8. Stunning, absolutely stunning!

  9. The cape is amazing!

  10. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Could a grandmother purchase one just like this from you? My daughter is giving her baby girl a 1st birthday party, and the theme will be Little Red Riding Hood. She is only 2 months old now, so there is no hurry.

    1. Hi there,
      I would love to make something special for your grand-daughter.
      If you would like to email me at then we can chat further.
      Thanks, Lisa x

  11. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Hello, where can I get a cape? Does not have to be the same but a nice cape, please let me know please my e-mail address is


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