Tomato Seed Saving Tutorial

April 18, 2012

I bought a bunch of heirloom tomato seeds about fours years ago and since then, each year I have saved the seeds ready for planting the following year.

Here is a tutorial of the process I use, so you can give it a go yourself -  it is really easy.

Have you noticed tomato seeds have gel like coating around them?   This stops them from germinating immediately when falling on the ground at the end of summer.  What we are doing in this seed saving process is naturally removing this "gel" so when you plant them, they will pop right up.

Select the BEST tomato on your plant for seed saving.  You only need one, as the seeds in one tomato will be more than enough for you, your neighbours, friends and family!

Scoop the tomato seeds into a jar and add some water.  Place a lid on top but don't screw it on.

Leave them for a few days to a week until they get a bit of a mouldy crust on the top.  Sometimes this process can smell a little so the gardening shed is a good place.

Rinse the seeds.  I like to slide the crust off the top, then tip them into a fine sieve and rinse under the tap.

Dry the seeds on some baking paper (not paper towels).  Label and when dry, store in a cool dark place until ready for planting the following year.

Super easy and free - just the way we like it :)

I have saved quite a few seeds from this year - enough to give a few packets away, so if you would like some just leave me a comment here then drop me an email at with your address and I'll send you some.  (New Zealand addresses only because of postal restrictions on seeds.)

Happy growing!

Lisa x


  1. I like how you've had the same seeds going for a while now. It's almost like making good bread with a favoured yeast! x

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I would love some seeds... I have always wanted to grow heirloom tomatoes;) I was going to suggest you sold some at crafternoon tea.... If you have any left I could get some off you there;)
    Alice (absolutely Alice)

  3. interesting post :)

    yes please Id have some seeds Ill email you

  4. Wow, I never knew that was how you got tomato seeds. I'm passing this onto my mum :)

  5. that is a great idea -one day when I get my veggie patch going again, I will do that!

  6. I'm doing a bit of catching up with my blog reading and wanted to say what a great tip this is!. Our tomatoes were a failure this year due to a certain one year old little boy who found it fun to pull the little green round things off the plant :-(

  7. I like how you've had the same plant seeds going for a while now. It's almost like creating excellent breads with a preferred yeast!

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