Yellow & Grey

April 27, 2012


Cheery yellow wool ready to be made into a little cape for winter.   Although I suppose yellow is traditionally a spring/summer colour,  I just love yellow when the weather is cooling off and the leaves are starting to fall.   It is rather happy and warm don't you think?

I'm planning to pair it with this soft grey and gold cotton lining, and some of my handmade wooden buttons to fasten.

I think this weekend will involve some raking.  The leaves from our old oak tree are falling thick and fast and gathering in drifts around the pots and doorways. Quite lovely really.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and see you back on Monday.


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  1. So jealous of your weather. Fall is my favorite season- love the falling leaves and perfect sweater weather. It's just now hitting 100 degree weather here in Vegas, and I'm already dreaming of baking pumpkin bread, bundling up my wee babe (in a cape, I hope!), and taking Pa some hot chocolate at work. We only get one or two "cold" months here, but back home in Washington, Autumn was exactly how you imagine it should be! Anyways, I adore the wood buttons and colors!


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