Pirates love Hotties!

May 22, 2012

Word on the street is that real pirates love to have toasty toes.  Whoever would have known!  In light of this new information, I have made some woolen hotties covers for budding pirates...

Featuring a hand stitched skull and crossbones pirate flag and complete with patches, they are the perfect way for little pirates to keep snugly and warm this winter.

Bring on more cool boys stuff I say!   You can find them in my international shop here and my NZ shop here very soon...  

Aye aye!


  1. I imagine many a little lad would love one of those!

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    My pirate boy likes to have toastie toes! And these are so sweet! x

  3. I totally agree... more cool boys stuff.. aye aye captain :)

    Love the hottie!

  4. This is wonderful! Very creative :)

  5. Hi there,
    Just popping by to let you know that I have awarded you a blog award. Details here:


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