A Gaze of Raccoons

July 04, 2012

I'm loving my new feisty, loving and staunchly loyal "gaze" of raccoons. 

I thought they would be best mates with these bunnies I made a wee while back but it seems they are quite independent, and to be honest find the bunnies a bit too quiet for their liking.  They prefer a bit of rough and tumble and seem be on the lookout for mischief...

Here is a little view of how they come together on my work table.  Firstly I cut and sew the basic shape from off-cuts of blankets used to make my children's woolen coats.

Here they are all turned out the right way ready for stuffing.  I use really small woolen scraps to make my stuffing.  You probably won't believe me when I tell you that as I cut out my children's coats I have two bags for scraps.  One is critter scraps and the other is critter stuffing scraps!  

The wool from the stuffing bag I cut up into even tinier pieces - I do this so the critters feel nice and smooth and not lumpy.  I like that the raccoons are stuffed with 100% wool and it means once again that I am not letting anything go to waste :)

I needle felt their masks and eyes on, embroider a simple face and use the edges of blankets (left over from other endeavors) for their cute little scarves.

Voila!  Some very fiddly, incredibly time consuming but oh so lovable raccoons.  

You will find them from time to time in my shop as and when I make a wee batch :)



  1. Hi Lisa, those racoons are great, wouldn't want to meet them in a dark wood!! Love how you use the small scraps for the stuffing, and the blanket stitched scarves are the icing on the cake - lovely!! I don't like throwing the little scraps out either, need to think what to use them for though! S:)

  2. They are totally gorgeous! Love their little scarves! :)

  3. Lisa these are fantastic, they do look a little intimidating all together, hehe.......Your bunnies are just gorgeous too. Definitely scarf weather here at the moment even though it's a nice sunny morning.
    Interesting to read about how you make them and using small scraps to stuff them with is brilliant.
    Like you I don't throw anything away and have various bags of different scraps. They take up alot of room, but I might just use your idea and reduce the pile!

    Claire :}

  4. They are delightful, and so awesome that you use every last scrap...inspiring! and I love the use of the wool blankets binding as the scarfs.. you are very talented!

  5. They are seriously gorgeous! I especially love their scarves!

  6. Oh my- these are too cute. Worth the time i would say!

  7. Scraptastic use of scraps!!! I love their mini scarves especially - and its so so nice to see a new critter on the scene I LOVE RACOONS :)

  8. I admire your patience in making these.
    I found this through Thriving on Thursdays. I have linked in a corned beef hash cakes recipe using corned beef leftovers. I selected the right picture but the linky thing went crazy, so you will have to click through to see the picture. Have a great week.

  9. So gorgeous! you selling that or made it for yourself?


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