Pillowcase to shoes

October 23, 2012

I found this pillowcase at our local op shop the other day.  It was quite old, but the embellished end was so intricate and beautiful it needed rescuing.  It featured the tiniest hand embroidery and cross stitch I think I have ever seen on a pillowcase.

So now the old forlorn case is a new pair of baby shoes, ready to welcome a new baby.

The last photo of of some the of tiniest violets, growing from a fallen ponga tree at the bottom of our garden, along with some wild strawberries.  I found them quite by accident when planting some seedlings the other day.  Can you spy them?  They are in the bottom left third of the pic!



  1. Beautiful shoes! What lucky little baby feet. That plant is Kenilworth Ivy, be careful, it can go crazy in the garden and isn't so good for our native bush. It's tiny flowers are very pretty though!

  2. I love those baby shoes, they are adorable!


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