Autumn Rainy Day

April 21, 2013

Rainy days in our tree-house are so special.  Thunderously heavy falls combine with muted sounds of rain dampened by the trees.  Not to mention that heavenly fragrance of wet forest - so incredible.

Our lovely rainy weekend consisted of banana cake, rain watching, laundry folding, thunderstorms, a rain walk and an impromptu teddy bears picnic.

I love rainy days like this.  Nothing in particular that needs to be done, just pottering around doing everyday things at a leisurely pace.  Just the three of us having a home day together.



  1. I LOVE your tree house

  2. Looks so lovely LIsa. I can imagine how serene and cosy your day was as that's just how YOU are xxx

  3. Looks blissful and cosy x


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