An Autumn Series - Rainforest Beach Walk

May 20, 2013

A few minutes past our tree-house is a path that winds through the forest and down onto a little beach.

The walk is so lovely at this time of year.  A little bit crisp in the shade of the trees, but always incredibly still, green and quiet.  

It is a such a magical place.  Hard to believe there are houses nearby nestled into the bush.

After only a few minutes walk, it opens out to our lovely bay.  

Autumn is the perfect time for a bare foot stroll - the beach is often empty although a little on the chilly side now for me to be putting my feet in the water.  Our little girl doesn't seem to have quite the same cold sensitivities as I though...

We love seeing the ducks, seagulls, and beach-loving dogs.  Often we take treats.

On our way home, at the edge of the forest path are some exotic trees; oak, maple, elm and liquid amber.  Poppet had a great time gathering up a bunch of beautifully coloured autumn leaves, and together we toted them all home.

I might make her a little foraging bag soon, as she is at the stage where she loves to collect "treasures" on our walks.

I have just the autumn project in mind for the leaves which I will share very soon...
Today was an amazing day.  I hope yours was too.



  1. that is such a magical looking place, what a lucky wee girl to grow up with such beauty around her x

  2. I just love being in your tree house it really is a magical place.
    The view is amazing.
    We really are so lucky to have all of this on our back door steps xxx

  3. So gorgeous - looks peaceful and tranquil. Don't you just love little collectors? x


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