On My Worktable - Vest and Shoes

June 27, 2013

I've been quietly making woolen vests for quite some time now.
It started with a couple for our little girl, then a few for friends, followed by play-group playmates etc. It seems they are disappearing before they have the chance to make an appearance in my shop.

Garments like these make so much sense for me at this time of year.  Great for layering up, but still allowing lots of room for movement and play.

The little bumble bee vest is off to a little girl in Hawkes Bay and the dandelion one is for a special little someone in Auckland.
I hope they love them!


I have listed one ready-to-ship Poppy vest and one Dandelion vest in my shop this week.


  1. Gorgeous just gorgeous and I do so love the buzzy bee also

  2. Lovely lisa, the look ever so cosy x

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  4. Loving your things.


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