A Very Special Crochet Blanket

July 26, 2013

Growing up, my Gran was the only person I knew who crocheted.
In her latter years we lived a bit of a distance from her, but one time when we met up agreed to teach me the basics of how to crochet a square.  

Whenever we were together we hit the local op-shops in the small town we grew up in.  Collecting wool for the blanket project with her was always fun.  I love neutral, natural colours and my Gran loved bright - it always amused her that I chose "boring" colours!

These squares were crocheted by me many, many years ago now.

I have pretty much forgotten how to crochet since, as these squares were the only crochet I had ever done. They were a bit wonky and not many of them were actually square, but I made them, and I made them with my Gran and that made them special to me.

In recent years, I have been wanting to complete this blanket, but working on something of this scale was just beyond me.  For years these squares have been sitting in a box, and following on from this post I decided it was time to complete this special to me blanket.

I called on my friend Kara to help me out and I am absolutely overwhelmed by how remarkably she brought these wonky squares together into such a cosy and beautiful blanket for me.  It took her many months and rather a lot more wool and I am incredibly grateful for the hours she lovingly put in to make this blanket so special.

Every time I pull it over me on the couch I think of my Gran.
Each time I fold it up I think of my Gran.
Each time I think of my Gran I smile and think how proud she would be if she could see it finished.

Our little girl really likes this new addition to our home, but in all reality this blanket is for me.  

Just me.

and I LOVE it.


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  1. oh that makes me really tearful! so special xx and a reflection of how much your friend loves you too

  2. Couldn't agree more with Miriam, there is no price higher than sentimental value. It's a beautiful blanket and judging by what I see on her Facebook page, Kara is obviously very talented.

  3. LOVE that this is now finished and can be curled up under and what special memories it evokes xxx
    Love You xx and a special BIG hug xx

  4. Oh this is so gorgeous! Looks deliciously warm and cuddly and what a wonderfully special blanket xx

  5. that looks so super soft and cosy. real life granny squares/granny chic!

  6. That is beautiful and so special! I would feel the same fondness if it was something I made with my Nana....a very touching story x

  7. Oh my gosh I LOVE this blanket. What amazing cherished memories too x

  8. What a great way to remember your Gran. The blanket turned off beautiful. Welcome and thank you for sharing this story on Fluster's Creative Muster Party. Now that you found the party I hope that you'll continue to join us on Wednesday's. Pinned!

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  9. I LOVE this! I have a quilt that my Grandmother made the squares to before she lost her sight. then my mother sewed them all together and made the top, and I sewed on the binding. I gave it to my oldest daughter. I hope when she is older it will mean as much to her has it has to me. Thank you for the wonderful post and sharing your beautiful story and blanket with us. Your post is being featured at The Project Stash Link Party this week!


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