On My Workable - Bunting

July 10, 2013

I spent a lovely few hours with Deb making bunting a few months ago.  The thing is, I never finished it.  It has been sitting on the edge of my work table since then, and each time I walk past it I think to myself "I must finish that and get it up".

Seriously, I must have walked past it hundreds of times and each of those times quietly berating myself for not finishing it, and still prioritising getting things finished for others before making this for myself...
Well today was the day!  I finished it and I LOVE it.
It took me about half an hour.  Half an hour!  

I also decided that instead of deliberating for ages about where or how I might hang it, which could take another few months, I would just hang it.  
And I did.  Just like that.  Me!  

So here is is, gracing the ceiling space in our little girl's room. 

Now I am inspired to finish off another couple of projects that have been on my to-do list for a while.  Perhaps I'll work on one little thing each week.

Do you have an easy to finish project which has been glaring at you for a while?   



  1. Lovely lovely bunting! and whoohoo for getting it done! Very satisfying feeling! I have lots of things to do but none of them particularly quick! All in good time I suppose :) xx

  2. Gorgeous, your daughter will love that hanging in her room, I'd love it hanging in MY house. I have clothes mending to do - not very inspiring at all, which is why it still hasn't been touched.

  3. That is so sweet! And lovely! I feel like I have a thousand projects to finish, so instead of finishing any, I just start a new one!

  4. that bunting is super pretty
    love it a lot xxx

  5. Too cute. Yet another thing I need to add to my list!

  6. gorgeous and how beautiful is her room?? wow!

  7. The bunting is gorgeous. What a great feeling to tick projects off your to-do-list. I am finally finishing a friends blanket I've been working on for years. (blogged here: http://missmuggins.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/blanket-rescue-1.html)I have told myself that I can't start a new crochet project until it is done!

  8. You've reminded me of the pile of bunting I cut out last year - it's all bright yellow patterns from vintage sheets, so think I'll dig it out this weekend and finish it! Thanks for the reminder, and isn't it funny how you can spend more time thinking about doing something than the actual doing. S:)

  9. Very nice. I love the mix of stripes and florals.

  10. Yay for getting this finished! I love the look of it hanging from that beautiful ceiling "))

  11. Oh and it looks so gorgeous! Well done.


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