Op-Shop Finds - Blues and Browns

July 23, 2013

Blues and Browns were to be found this week along with a sturdy basket for storing some treasures in.
Colours evoking the English countryside - tweedy coats over tailored waistcoats.  I can just imagine some pantaloons with gathered legs.  

This wee trouser design I played around with last year is coming to mind...  perhaps it might be time to make some more?  I love playing around with new fabric - so exciting to see what it becomes.



  1. Those pants would look amazing in these fabrics! Cant wait to see what you come up with x

  2. Perfectly perfect English Countryside x

  3. These jeans would certainly look remarkable in these fabrics! Cannot delay to find out everything you develop xrs gold
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  4. Oooh yes pixie pants sounds like a lovely idea!

  5. Wow the material is a great find. Can't wait to see the post of what you make

  6. The tweed is fabulous. I like to use it for cushions. It costs a fortune new!


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