Op-Shop Finds - Pink Woolies

July 16, 2013

A lovely pile of pink hued winter woolies.  Washed and air dried, ready for re-making into warm sweet garments for my little shop to be worn by some lucky little girls.  

I wonder who they will be and what country they live in?  
I wonder if pink is their favourite colour :)



  1. What a lovely pile of warm happiness - whomever receives the goodies will no doubt treasure them x

  2. gorgeous pile of soft loveliness! xxx

  3. Beautiful :) I can just imagine the feeling of them through my fingers....and hey who I am I kidding I'd also be holding them up to my cheek too!!

  4. I just want to roll in them like a dog and curl up ans go to sleep (more than a little sleep deprived here!). Seriously love the second to bottom one, auch a beautiful shade of pink x

  5. Pick me .. .. .. I LOVE pink :)
    Such wonderful finds

  6. wonderful hues of rosy cheeks and big smiles here


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