Op Shop Finds - Vintage Wooden Pull Along Toy

September 10, 2013

A quirky vintage wooden pull along toy caught my eye at the op shop.  

I believe the handsome young fellow is a duck, but couldn't be entirely sure.  I guess he will be whatever our little girl wants him to be.  Children are interesting like that!

It might be a little while before she can play with him after her tumble, but he will be waiting for her :)



  1. What a gorgeous find.

    Oh no, your poor little sweetheart :0(

    How's she doing? It must be very frustrating for her not being able to run and play. Sending love x

  2. It's a cutie! Pull-alongs never loose their appeal xx

  3. Thats a great Op shop find Lisa !! I'm sure she will love him/her. I was so very sorry to read of your little girls accident ... do hope she is soon on the mend. x0x

  4. so cute, wooden toys are the best x

  5. I had one similar to this as a kid.
    Such a lovely toy. x


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