Hottie Project - It's a Wrap

October 10, 2013

So the Hottie Project is finally completed for 2013.

Kind and generous people from around New Zealand and the world, created hundreds and hundreds of hotties to warm the children of Christchurch this winter.

I was so proud to be part of this.

It makes me smile to think there will be so many more warm and toasty children this year.
Thanks for your care. Thanks for your time.  Thanks for your effort.
You are all amazing.

Am already looking forward to next year.
Hope you are too :)


Special thanks to Juliet, Sophie and Cat for your support.  It wouldn't have been the success it was without you, thanks so much. xx


  1. Just look at all those hottie covers! thanks for organising it Lisa - such an awesome cause xx

  2. So lovely. xx

  3. Gosh they look so beautiful all stacked up like that :-) And thanks to YOU Lisa for co-ordinating this great project that we could all be a little tiny part of. x0x

  4. oh wow! congratulations to all who participated :o) x

  5. Thank you for co-ordinating this effort and for going to the trouble to take individual photos of all the hotties. So nice to have been able to take part in a project like this.

  6. Well done organising this. What a great result


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