Op-Shop Finds - Hand Carders

October 15, 2013

Recently I was gifted a few large bags of raw wool, so these hand carders were a timely op-shop find!

I am in the process of washing and drying small amounts of the fleece at a time, and soon it will be time to card before spinning.  I'm thinking these could come in handy.

Not sure how I will go with these, I might have to talk my honey into giving me a hand.  Usually these types of requests require a bit of softening, so I might have to make a batch of cookies before I ask him :)



  1. Can't wait to see how this comes out x

  2. Yay for having tools for the job! and helpers that can be bribed :p xx

  3. Ooh, be sure to post your finished project (or update on this work in progress) you must get a great sense of accomplishment to start a project like this(whatever this actually is) from the very beginning :) Heather

  4. Oh how wonderful. We have been looking for hand carders for my sister. She wants to try to spin the wool from her sheep. Now I have a bit more optimism that we may find them

  5. I quite enjoy hand carding, it's therapeutic

  6. I have heard of carding, but i'm not entirely sure what it is. is it mixing the fibres together so they can be spun? Now i shall know what these are if i ever see any in the op-shops! And i agree with this mom rocks, i love the idea of a craft where you are involved in the production from begining to end of the process (I'll let you know if i come across any sheep shears in my op-shop travels lol!) hope the little one is on the mend x


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