TV Free Childhood - Snail's Tea Party

November 17, 2013

Entertaining a toddler with (or without) a broken leg...

Snails!  Our little girl is often pointing out snails in her storybooks and making them from play dough, but I'm not entirely sure she has ever seen a real one.

So today a friendly fellow came inside on a big leaf, much to someone's utter fascination!  We invited him to our tea party and made him a delicious cup of tea.  After he had joined us for our picnic he ventured back into the garden (for another afternoon snack no doubt!).

Did you know snails can live for 15-20 years!  Or that their slime protects them enough to go over a razor blade without being hurt?

Here are some more interesting facts about snails so you can can amaze your children at your next snail's tea party :)


Joining in with Miriam.


  1. how fabulous is this xxx

  2. That is gorgeous! x

  3. That is just beautiful
    What a fantastic mother you are xxx

  4. Oh I love this! What a sense of magic, wonder and delight xx thanks for linking in x

  5. I´m so glad I came across your beautiful children's clothes on Etsy.
    Your work is absolutely stunning and this blog is a real fairy tail.

  6. Adorable. How beautiful.

    When we were children, my sister was caught painting all the snails' shells in our garden, so she could tell them apart, – later she came out in a rash – turned out she was allergic to their slime! For weeks though we'd pass all these different brightly coloured snails as we walked up the garden path.

  7. We forget how little things can be so interesting and new for kids. This reminded me that I collected snails as a kid and put them behind the sofa. My mother wasn't too happy when one crawled up to greet a visitor:)


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