On My Worktable - Needle Cases

November 13, 2013

Sweet little needle cases, hand embroidered with wildflower botanicals have been on my worktable this week.  A lovely small gift for a friend who sews or embroiders.  Perfect for keeping needles safely and beautifully stored.  

The needle cases are constructed from off-cuts of woolen blankets left over from making children's wool coats and are simply lined in cotton.  I love using up all the small pieces of wool which would otherwise go to waste and "prettying" them up with embroidery.


Needle cases are available here in my Felt shop.


  1. They are so pretty xx

  2. they are gorgeous xxxx

  3. so, so pretty xx lovely adding them onto my felt wishlist :o) x

  4. oh and nice to see your photo on the Etsy email today! Congrats

  5. Lovely sweet gifts
    I do love and appreciate how you use every small piece of fabric


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