A Cookie Connection

January 27, 2014

An idea has been percolating in the back of my head for some time - over a year in fact.   Today was the day it changed from an idea into reality.

We started on a new journey of sorts.

Firstly, together with my little girl we baked a batch of Anzac Biscuits.  Nothing new there, I often share our baking adventures here, but this time there is a bit more of a story behind it.

When we first moved to our new home 18 months ago, I was recovering from post natal depression and didn't know a soul in the area.  I wanted to introduce myself to the neighbours along the road, but somehow the idea of meeting a bunch of strangers when I was in such a delicate and anxious emotional space was just too much.  Of course knowing who the people were around me would have been one of the best things for me at the time.

Anyway, after all this time I am not proud to admit that apart from our immediate neighbours, we still don't really know anyone on our road.  Peoples lives are busy and I think in general we just don't seem to have the same connection to our neighbourhood community that we used to.

This year, I am out to change that in our neighbourhood.

This year, together with our little girl we plan to bake a batch of cookies once a week or so, and hand deliver them, together, to someone in our neighbourhood.

Today was our first delivery!  I whipped up a little drawstring bag for the cookies (made from leftover fabric from this little dress) and off we went...

Our little girl wasn't entirely sure about the concept of handing over her beloved cookies especially in the "pretty bag" which she had claimed as hers as we ambled down the road, but given the delightful response from the recipient she soon warmed up to the idea :)

We were invited in, played with their lovely dogs and sat down and had a drink together.  Our little girl even left with a present - a much loved teddy bear which had been grown out of and passed lovingly onto us.

What a wonderful experience for our first delivery!  I can't wait to make our next batch.
I wonder what to bake next?
Have you any family cookie recipes you would like to share?



  1. What a lovely idea & concept - I think any cookies that you bake & take along in a special little drawstring bag will be well received by anyone. I think that is just lovely - good on you ... & you are teaching her some good principles of caring & sharing too :-) xox

  2. Whoohoo! what a lovely connection you guys have made xx

  3. such a lovely idea!
    We baked cookies and delivered them to all our elderly neighbours at Christmas time. it was an eye opening experience as people have become fearful of kindness/strangers (maybe it was because they were elderly). One, before we had even arrived at the front door, said 'what are you selling'.

  4. i absolutely love this! so inspiring as a new person in a new country xxx

  5. What a lovely idea! Ginger cookies with lumps of stem ginger in them always go down a treat in our house xx

  6. You're awesome! I love this whole idea and I LOVE delivering biscuits in a homemade drawstring bag. Keep us posted on your deliveries! x

  7. This is such a lovely idea! I'm ashamed to admit we only know our immediate neighbours too, after living here for the past three years. Thank you for sharing your beautiful idea and story x


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