Cookie Connection - Adventure 2

February 03, 2014

This cookie project is so. much. fun.

In case you missed it last week - we are connecting with our neighbourhood this year by hand delivering a batch of our home-baked cookies, each week, to someone we are yet to get to know.

This week saw our little girl and I baking oatmeal and raisin cookies, filling our home-made cookie bag (fabric chosen by the little one) and setting off.  The summer evenings make it possible for a lovely little evening outing to burn off some energy after dinner - this time Daddy joined us too!

I made up some little ingredient cards to attach to our cookie bags.  We want to protect any neighbours with allergies - and of course the cards make everything look very fancy :)

Our second delivery was meet with a family of smiles!

Next week we are going to make Cranberry and Coconut cookies.
Haven't decided which house yet, but we will choose one on our next walk to the beach together.  How fun to be doing this as a family.



  1. Such a lovely family activity x

  2. Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog recently and love it. This particular idea is wonderful and such a great experience for your little girl (especially all that walking too for a little leg to get stronger). Look forward to your next cookie drop. mel x

  3. Such a lovely idea. Did you get the recipes I sent you?



  4. What a beautiful idea Lisa !! LOVE
    So lovely to see you this afternoon albeit briefly
    My home smells so heavenly - noxious weed MEH

  5. Hello Lisa, what lovely posts. I have just been catching up. The kauri slab is so wonderful, what a treasure. I would love to be able to smell your fragrant ginger flowers. I have galangal growing in a large looks very similar & has a pretty white flower of the same form as your ginger. The root is milder in flavour & great for thai dishes. I'd love to do a tomato seed swap...what a great idea. I adore your cookie project. the little bags make it all so much friendlier : ) Well done you...especially having been stuck in the post natal blues like that & then, of course, the leg business. I am liking hydrangeas more & more & they flower the whole summer through. Have a happy week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. What a lovely idea! And the photo's of your little girl on your cookie connection walk is precious :)


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