On My Worktable - Toadstool Houses

February 19, 2014

Sometimes I need to be working with my hands but I'm not really in a place for something complicated - just a simple mind-relaxing project I can pick up and put down with ease. I had a hankering for playing with some botanical embroidery today.  Little toadstool houses seemed a fun idea and choosing some happy colours from my newly organised embroidery yarn basket made me feel good too.  (Got to love a freshly organised space :)

I'm not sure where I am going with these, just making them up as I go along.  They don't look much like toadstool houses right now, but I am hoping they will when finished!

What crafting do you turn to to switch off and relax?  Do you like working on a slow burn project over a period of time, or something that comes together quickly?



  1. I just love your toadstool houses!
    I have several projects on the go at the moment *whoops*

  2. Such adorable cuteness! A project for every mood is more or less my motto x

  3. The houses are looking very nice.
    I just love to sew - except for repairs and alterations. I have been know to take brand new clothes to the opshop just because I never got round to doing alterations.
    True confession!

  4. They look like little fairy houses. Just lovely. Love your embroidery skills.

  5. They're coming to life for me already! They remind me of a lovely book my mum owns, the gnome book....although they lived in tree trunks, it reminds me of the whimsical illustrations :))
    As for me its something with my hands, whether it's a knitting or crochet project or occasionally some embroidery.....and when I get my new drive belt next week it will be spinning too! :))

  6. You are so clever x


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