A Birthday & Something Missing

May 20, 2014

It has come to my attention recently that something has been missing.

The days, weeks and months, although filled with all sorts of wonderful things seem to have a familiar feeling.  Not boring, my days are never boring but contain a kind of same-same quality to them - lacking a sense of anticipation.  I think it started to became clear to me what was missing when we began to plan our little girl's third birthday party.

It was so refreshing and fun to plan it with her.  Over the weeks prior to the event we gently starting preparing her, asking questions as to what she might like and discovering what a party was all about for her.  She told us she would like blueberry cake, pink party hats and balloons, watermelon and her friends.

For weeks and weeks prior, she was asking us and all her little friends "Would you like to come to my party?".  So sweet.  But it was the excitement and anticipation which was contagious.  I began to really look forward to it too.

It wasn't an expensive affair - a simple gathering in the playground at our beach.  The bunting was from her bedroom, the tablecloth reused from her first birthday party, simple party food - some of which was made by family and friends and her beautiful party dress being a Christmas gift from her aunty.

We had a wonderful day, and yes someone got her beloved watermelon and cupcakes!

After the festivities were over and the relatives and friends had returned home, it was just the three of us once again.  It seemed really quiet - an exhalation after holding ones breath and it came to me that the "come down" after a celebration is all part of the experience and is to be enjoyed too.  It was at that point that I realised what was missing.

A sense of occasion.

That feeling of building up to an event; preparing, making, buying, creating, cleaning and cooking, followed the the whirlwind of the actual event itself.  Lastly, the conversations afterwards; reflecting, remembering the funny things, the sad things, the surprises of what was popular and what was not and of course looking through all the images.

So over a quiet dinner we discussed the need to celebrate more often.  To put some "anchors" into our year other than birthdays and holidays.  To feel more connected with the seasons, enjoying the changes and looking for all the good things each season has to offer as we travel through the year.

The first celebration to happen - an Autumn party.
Ooohhh exciting!



  1. looks like a beautiful day - I love celebrations and gathering people - oh so good x

  2. What a beautiful birthday party, not over the top like some these days. Your daughter looked happy. I agree the anticipation is a big part of all the excitement. I like your idea to celebrate 'stuff' more often.

  3. A beautiful and simple party is just my cup of tea :)) And I agree looking forward to events can really liven up the year :)

  4. Hi Lisa
    I am reading this wonderful book called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin (I highly recommend it).
    She also talks about the lead up to the occasion being as important and enjoyable as the occasion itself.
    Hopefully I see you again one day soon.
    Take Care

  5. Once again beautiful photos and such a wonderful birthday celebration so simply sweet and scrumptious
    Love it all
    We have birthday build up here at the moment and I'm probably the worst at hyping it up

  6. Such lovely happiness! Yay for birthdays and yay for celebrations!! xx

  7. Looks lovely and I love all the photographs, beautiful


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