The Hottie Project 2014

May 27, 2014

It started with a simple idea... and after lots of support last year from kind and generous crafters around New Zealand (and the world!) we sent literally hundreds of hot water bottles and warm covers to children in Christchurch. 

They were so well received and so appreciated, that KidsCan have already purchased boxes and boxes of bottles for us to make covers for this year!  With your help once again we are hoping we can make winter a little cosier and warmer for children by creating a BIG stack of lovely warm hottie covers to keep Christchurch children cosy this winter.

Sew, crochet, knit, embroider - whatever takes your fancy :)  We will even email you a free template/pattern if you need one.  The key is keeping children warm, so your hottie cover doesn't need to be super fancy, just lovely and cuddly and something you would gift to keep your loved ones warm.

Both crafters and non-crafters contributions to the project are oh-so-welcome :)  If crafting isn't your thing there are still lots of ways you can help...

I have created a special page for The Hottie Project 2014 with the all the details here.  

Will you join us?


Pictures recycled from last year :)


  1. I joined up to make hottie covers and will post on my blog when I start making covers. I live now in Mapua near Nelson and we came from Christchurch and lost our house in the earth quakes. I was involved in the Beanie project in Christchurch, we knitted hundreds of beanies, blankets etc for children in Christchurch. This project was organized by my friend Jennie Lineham, who sadly passed away in the beginning of this year. Jennie would have been happy to see that the children in Christchurch are not forgotten and it can be freezing cold especially when you still live in a damaged house. So thank you, Lisa for organizing this project!!

  2. I thought this was a great idea last year, and made some covers. This year is no different. Except there are kids still in the cold.


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