On My Worktable

June 26, 2014

Very occasionally I will make a batch of something in my studio, more often than not I am working on a bunch of different things all at the same time.  I love to see everything I have been working on come together into a pile ready for photographing and packaging.

I'm so happy to see a few pairs of my new boots finding new homes this week.  So exciting!  Along with some iPad and iPad mini covers.

A lot of these items were embroidered over the easter and anzac holidays whilst relaxing with family.  It was fun to sew them all up this week, remembering the enjoyable time I had stitching in between adventures to the beach and eating yummy things.


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  1. It always looks so cozy and comforting and warm... Lovely goodies x

  2. Oh I just would like to sit in your studio & touch all that gorgeous hand embroidered woollen goodness :-)

  3. your stitching is always so perfect xxx beautiful xx

  4. Those booties with the bee are just adorable!

  5. Beautiful beautiful stitchery and embroidery
    I love your work

  6. LOVE LOVE, such beauty.

  7. What beautiful work - i love all the little details.

  8. Dear Lisa, your work table is such a sweet, creative place. Your creations so warm-hearted & friendly. I do so love them all x0x0x

  9. Anonymous11:08 PM

    hallo lisa! found you through aniko's blog hop!
    your work + fotos are amazing!
    nice to meet you!


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