Simple Drawstring Bag Tutorial

June 16, 2014

When we do our Cookie Connection deliveries, we love to deliver them in little drawstring bags.

Here is a little tutorial on how to make these easy and useful bags.  We used these for our little girl's party bags, they also make sweet re-usable gift bags, lovely little lunch sacks etc.  You can whip up a bunch of these in less than an hour and it is worth making a little stash of them as they come in super handy for all sorts of things.

Step 1
Cut out two rectangular pieces of fabric about the size you fancy your bag

Step 2
Pin them together.

Step 3
Overlock or straight sew down one long edge across the bottom and up the other long edge.  Leave the top open.  If you are overlocking, neaten the opening the edge with the overlocker at this point.

Step 4
Press under about 2-3 cm (1 inch) along top edge and sew, creating a little casing for the drawstring to go through.

Step 5
Unpick a little bit on one of the seams to create an opening for your thread to go in.

Step 6
Cut your piece of cord/yarn/string about 2.5 times the width of your top opening.  Tie a knot in one end and poke a safety pin through it.

Step 7
Thread this through your casing, entering through the little hole you made.

Step 8
When all threaded through, tie the two ends together

Step 9
Pat yourself on the back and admire your lovely little drawstring bag :)

If you would like to learn more about the Cookie Connection, you can read about it here.


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