A Village of Toadstool Houses

February 02, 2015

It is no secret that I love a woodland aesthetic. Little toadstool houses, storybook characters living in enchanted forests. I love the dreaminess of a childhood spent imagining such things - and still do.

I made these little toadstool houses as Christmas gifts for our little girl's nursery/kindy teachers who share my delight in this kind of thing too. Each house is a bit different but they have a little felt door which opens to reveal the lucky little critter living inside, a tiny bicycle parked outside against the wall and of course lots of wildflowers and butterflies in their garden.

I crafted them from offcuts of an old cream blanket and the red toadstool caps from a no-longer-worn corduroy shirt.  They are of a rather simple construction, weighted with river pebbles and stuffed.  It was fun to just stitch whatever came into my head and not have to think about anything technical.  Such a pleasure to sew.

I hope they enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them.

I'm pleased to say the pattern for "A Village of Toadstools" featuring three different sized toadstools, a full tutorial, pattern pieces and embroidery & inspiration guide just been released in my shop.  You will find it here or you can use the button below.

Tomorrow I hope to share with you some of the wonderful toadstool houses created by the ladies in the pattern testing group.  So many wonderful ideas, I'm sure you will have a delightful time looking through them all.


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  1. Just beautiful and such a generous offer to make the pattern available for half price. I shall look forward to seeing everyone's interpretations of this pattern.

  2. Just beautiful Lisa ... I bought my copy this afternoon ... cant wait to try making one - they are sooo gorgeous.

  3. They are gorgeous, and so imaginative! Beautiful gift x

  4. They are beyond beautiful!!! You nailed it! Just looking at them evokes the happiest feeling of nature inside me......Well done! And I hope you are well! Nicole xoxo

  5. I would be so happy to receive one of these! They are so sweet and magical!


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