Tree Climbing Pantaloons - Pattern Release!

April 30, 2015

Last year I needed to make some pants for our little girl.  They needed to be sturdy enough for climbing trees, able to be whipped up in 30 minutes or less, comfy and of course stylish.

Now anyone who knows our little girl, also know she is not a pants kind of girl.  She is all about pretty dresses and sparkles.  If you are lucky you might be able to get a skirt on her but pants, however, are not in her vocabulary and are definitely not going on her body!

She loves to climb the famous old Pohutukawa tree down at our little beach, so I "sold" them to her as tree climbing pants.  Let's face it, sparkly dresses just don't cut it when climbing trees, as much she would like them to... so imagine how stoked I was when she decided that these pants were ok.  Phew! They have become my go-to pants/shorts pattern as they are so ridiculously easy and fast to sew - a perfect project for someone new to sewing to start with.

So about a year later, and many pairs of these pants later, I would like to share the pattern with you!

I have added all sorts of options to these unisex pants, such as three different lengths (shorts, knee length and 3/4 length) back pockets, side pockets, etc.  You can make them without the elastic in the leg for a classic short.  They have been made as Parkour pants and PJ's, shorts with suspenders and more... the options are endless and the amount of different looks that can be achieved from this simple pattern is amazing.

The Tree Climbing Pants pattern comes in a huge range of sizes from 6 months right through to 10 years.  Such great value for those who wish to make a variety of styles for different family members throughout the years.

This pattern was extensively tested by a number of lovely sewers from around the world and over the next few days a few of them will be sharing pics of the pairs they have sewn.  A great chance to see what can be done with the pattern and also to discover a new blog or two :)   First up is Sarah, and you can read about the bubble shorts version and longer pants she made here.

You can purchase the Tree Climbing Pants pattern by either clicking on the button below, or finding them in my Etsy shop or clicking here.  The pattern will be *ON SALE* for a couple of days for only $4.85 USD, then will revert back to the regular price, so grab a copy today!


Tree Climbing Pantaloons Pattern

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