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October 15, 2016

You might have noticed I have been a little quiet here lately - mostly because I have been busy behind the scenes transforming Big Little into Twig + Tale. Yes, we have a new name!

No need to worry though - everything you know and love about Big Little - is at the very heart of Twig + Tale.

Twig & Tale is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit—beginner sewers especially! It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats.

It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play—featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story. Our sewing patterns embrace simple, step-by-step construction and the timeless charm of natural materials. Often inspired by our little family adventures at the beach at the bottom of our garden.

Tree Climber pants and a Pathfinder Vest are pretty much the staple attire of our family adventures of late. Often our vests are made from recycled wool blankets for extra warmth in winter, but now that Spring has arrived it is time for a (little) change! Still the classic Tree Climber Pants and Pathfinder Vest - but this time in linen and cotton.

Our wee boy's vest is made in gorgeous Panda Patches from Art Gallery Fabrics who sponsored this Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour. Art Gallery have such lovely quality fabrics, I highly recommended them. Most of you know, I love using recycled finds in my sewing, and when I do purchase fabric - I love to go for a quality fabric with a delightful and unique print and Art Gallery Fabrics doesn't disappoint.  There is some absolutely divine fabric from Art Gallery in my studio at the moment, ready to make something special for our little girl.  I'll be sure to share that creation with you soon!

This little vest is completely reversible with Panda Patches on one side with the reverse side in a very fine wool, from a old pair of suit trousers. Lightweight, with just enough warmth for Spring.

I just love this combo, rugged enough for a spot of beach combing yet fancy enough to wear to a cafe too. The traditional leather buttons are off an old coat I rescued some time ago.

The wee bonnet is a prototype about to go into testing - super cute for winter in warm cosy fabrics, or a breezy sun bonnet in cotton or linen for the warmer weather. Oh my, how I love this kid - just look at that happy little face :)

... and where would we be without the quick-sew Tree Climber pants in our life! These ones whipped up in about 15 minutes (after cutting out) and are made from beautifully soft drapey linen. I love how linen is supposed to look wrinkled. Wrinkled is so lovely in my book. Hehe, our little girl calls wrinkles "crankles" which is pretty cute :)Tree Climbers are my go-to adventuring pants for the children - with a variety of lengths, with or without elastic - they are so versatile. The Tree Climbers pattern is undergoing an update into the new Twig + Tale format and will be back in the shop very soon. 

At the end of a day's adventuring, there is no place quite like Daddy's arms.

Gosh, I adore making handmade clothes for my children.  I can't explain it, but it just makes my soul feel good knowing they have mama-love wrapped around them.

I'd love to introduce you to a bunch of lovely ladies who are sharing their love of Twig + Tale patterns in our Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour.  I've so enjoyed seeing all the inspiring things they have been sewing up - and imagine you might too!

 What would a Blog Tour be without a giveaway!  
Art Gallery Fabrics is kindly sponsoring  2 yards of Art Gallery fabric of your choice.  To make the prize extra sweet, we are also adding a collection of 5 Twig + Tale patterns of your choice.
International entries are very welcome.  
Enter using the rafflecopter below.
(The winning entry will be checked to ensure all criteria are met).


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