Hungry Caterpillar

September 09, 2011

I think this must be a favourite early book for a lot of children in New Zealand and around the world.  My honey bought the "finger puppet" version of this for our little poppet recently and she just loves it.

Today she had her first meal of pear (which she devoured - well she devoured the bits that didn't end up in her hair, hands and clothes) so we chose this book for her pre-nap read.

Caterpillars are so iconic.  I just love them, especially when they are not munching on our much loved  vegetables.  They are friendly, don't move too fast, and leave really interesting holes in leaves.

I particularly like those caterpillars which have a gap in the middle and they move their back legs up to their front legs with a loop in the middle.  So fun to watch.

Perhaps I have been inspired to make something featuring caterpillars...  

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