Pixie Toadstools

September 12, 2011

I am having a bit of a "thing" at the moment for classic red and white toadstools. Over the weekend I busied myself recycling sweaters into some sweet little pixie hats for my market stall and Etsy shop.

Of course I also had to make one for the poppet - who decided she would like to try it on.  It is a smidgen big for her at the moment, but she had fun putting it on and pulling it off and I managed to snap a pic at just the right time.

So cute!

It was fun deciding which of the lovely woolen sweaters to use.  (You may remember this post from a few weeks ago).

I went for the gorgeous natural brown pure wool, hand knitted one to make the toadstool pixie hats, which I lined with cheery red and white stripes.

The toadstools I made from felt and hand-stitched on with lots of tiny little stitches and patience - especially all those little spots!  I nestled the toadstools into a little grassy knoll so they look right at home...

I hope to make some sweet little newborn "knot hats" from a soft angora and cashmere sweater soon.  They will likely sport some toadstools too.  Can't wait! 


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