October 17, 2011

Woodland elves are my favorite of the Tolkien folk.  When Elven cloaks were gifted to the hobbits for their journey I thought they were so magical and I dearly wished I had one!

The Elven cloaks famously fasten at the neck with a leaf and whilst out walking the other day I found myself admiring a wall covered in ivy leaves  These reminded me so much of the leaves of Lothlorien that an idea started to form... 

I surreptitiously plucked a leaf from the wall and took it home to study the shape and detailing of the veins so I could make a replica for my cloak.  

Forest green wool felt seemed a good choice for the base of the leaf clasp to which I hand stitched the details on with a fine silver thread. 

I was lucky enough to have found a good length of an absolutely gorgeous woven, wool blend in a lovely grey a month or two back.  I have been itching to make something lovely from it ever since. 

The fabric is fine yet warm, drapes just beautifully and is soft to the touch.  Perfect for a special cloak.

For fastening there is a loop and a vintage button which the leaf fits over for a seamless look.

The finished result is just what I had imagined.  
A functional, warm, sweet cloak, with a magical hint of the woodland elves.



  1. Gorgeous. My dad and I are huge Tolkien fans. In fact, when I was 15 or so, he wanted to get me a replica of the leaf brooch for Christmas. I was afraid kids would make fun of me so I said no, but I totally regret it!

  2. Gorgeous! What a wonderful project - it suits the little elven one perfectly :-)


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