September 22, 2011

Our little poppet is 6 months!

Pumpkin is one of her favourite foods.  She loves to grab the spoon and you really have to wrestle it off her to try and get anything in.

She has her two bottom teeth, and is sitting up all by herself.

Rolling is her mode of transport.  One minute you look and she is right in front of you and the next she is on the other side of the room.  Although for some reason she can never quite reach a toy that is just an inch in front of her?

Giggling is standard when you tickle her tummy and by late afternoon she just seems to giggle at anything.

Splashing in the bath bubbles with her daddy is one of her favourite things.


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  1. Oh pumpkin stains I remember those. Isn't it amazing how time flies. My eldest is 16 and 6 foot 3 - where did that time go?


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