Christmas Pixies

December 05, 2011

Pixies are famous for bringing good luck into your home, and what better time than at Christmas!

If you have never seen a Christmas Pixie let me tell you a little more about them;

Pixies are generally found in and around wildflower gardens where spend time collecting precious "wishing dust" from the flowers which they bottle and wear around their necks.   Pixies are very proud of their appearance and although they are simple woodland folk, they often embellish their clothes with silver thread and shiny buttons.

Pixies love to party, so at this time of year they tend to sneak inside to enjoy the Christmas festivities.  

Simple things keep them entertained for hours - playing amongst the presents under the tree and trying to guess what is inside, and turning all the Christmas cards upside down are some favourite games.  

If you wake to find a few bulbs blown on your string of Christmas lights, it is entirely possible the pixies were having fun swinging on them the night before...

Gingerbread cookies with milk are their favourite Christmas treats, so if you wish to keep these delightful creatures close, be sure to have some around just for them.  It is amazing how many they can consume when you are not watching!

They are a little mischievous, somewhat cheeky and manage to get away with all sorts of things.  

When treated with love and care, they sometimes gift a bottle of their special "wishing dust" to their host family.  Sprinkled sparingly this can bring good luck until they return the following season.

My 2011 collection of Christmas Pixies  are made using 100% recycled, donated or repurposed materials so are earth, budget and conscience friendly.   These pixies are 45cm tall.

Bring some good luck into your home this holiday season by inviting some in - or gift one to a friend!  You will find them hiding here and here.

Each and every pixie is different and entirely handmade by me - no two are ever the same so you can be sure you have an original "Big Little" Pixie!  


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  1. I love them. One is coming to my place (I just ordered one on Felt) Thanks so much :)


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