Spending Time

December 03, 2011

I didn't really mean to be away from my blog for so long so I hope some of you are still here!

Lots of things have happened in the last month or so -  some happy things, some sad things and lots of just everyday things.  We enjoyed a lovely sunny day in the garden last weekend and this pretty dress was a present from her lovely Aunty K in Seattle.  I think she looks so pretty but I am biased of course!

Our wee poppet is growing so quickly - she is 9 months already and this special time with her is so short I want to make sure I spend every possible minute enjoying her.

This year will be her first Christmas and we are all so looking forward to it. We aim to keep it really simple yet special, and soak up the smiles.

Happy weekend to you, lovely readers (those of you who are still here!)  and I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of the Christmas festivities.


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