Autumn Orange

May 08, 2012

Our tiny garden is ablaze with Autumn orange at the moment.   We spent some time last weekend raking and tidying ready for winter planting.  I'm loving the nasturtium's happy little faces amongst the remains of the summer greens right now.  There is an interesting recipe for Nasturtium Pesto here I would love to try sometime.

I also found this beautiful embroidery featuring nasturtiums a while ago and have been keeping it to make something special.  It has a few little holes, but I am hoping to find enough good bits to make a lovely dress for this cloth doll I made for our wee poppet.   Although she is still a bit small to play with her just yet :)


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  1. I think nasturtiums must be a very popular embroidery subject, I've got a wee collection of linens with nasturtiums on them.


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