Winter Red

May 04, 2012

This cosy red vest has been hand knitted with lots of love - I'd love to take credit but alas it wasn't me.  We found it in our local thrift shop for 50c and it has never been worn!

I guess the original owner didn't like it, but we love it.  Just enough to add an extra layer of warmth without interfering with the important job of exploring of leaves and dirt.

On my wish list is to make some vests using woolen jumpers and lining them with soft cotton.  Maybe with a button through opening instead of over the head. Perhaps with a spot of wool embroidery as you know how much I love that :)

If anyone has seen a tutorial for basic vests I'd love to hear from you.  



  1. Hey, Susan here : ) I've been making these (as tunics) for C out of wool with cotton lining and they are gorgeous! Especially with little wooden buttons...

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Hi there. I've not investigated your website yet but my girlfriends 5 year was wearing one of your coats today. I was amazed at your outstanding workmanship and was absolutely besotted at how absol beautiful my friends child looked amongst the other children. What Sienna wore was just gorgeous. I sew but this creation of yours (or actually your pattern) was so much more! Im intrigued now and will follow your site. Im on the hunt now for blankies. You are truly an inspiration for cutie cutie high fashion children's coats. Well done, and beautifully done!!! Thank you for inspiring me!



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