Bottling Warmth

June 20, 2012

This week has seen me making more hottie covers.  I am loving embroidering dandelions on a variety of different coloured wools.   While I am stitching I ponder who they might be warming up this winter and where.  They have been posted to all corners of New Zealand and a bunch to Australia including Tasmania, which I imagine gets pretty chilly at this time of year...

The recent cold snap has seen my hottie as a favourite little night-time ritual.  I snuggle up with it while sipping hot chocolate and writing in my journal at night.  Lovely!

Each and every one is stitched with love and care so I hope they will bring a little more than just warmth to their new owners.  If you are on the lookout for a new cover you will find some here, with new colours arriving weekly.



  1. Oooh yes, your hot water bottle covers would be perfect for this time of year!

  2. Love my hot water bottles, they are just the most fun thing to make & use in Winter, especially for little ones toesies. They look beautiful & parcelled up too!! Love Posie

  3. These are lovely! I also just had a poke around your Etsy shop - your stuff is just gorgeous!

  4. even us Queenslanders get chilly! LOL

  5. They are really lovely! Love the colours :)

  6. Lol i live in Tasmania - Its not as cold as everyone fact Canberra is colder than us thought they will never admit it ha ha.
    BTW I make my hottie covers out fo jumpers - so snuggly


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