Flower Picking

February 12, 2013

Picking blooms for our home made for a lovely adventure this morning.

It was the first time we had journeyed down into the "jungle" part of our garden together.  Someone was a little bit unsure at first, but the once she found the steps she was away.

The forest had a welcoming feel, cool and moist in the summer heat.  Once tiny hands were full of flowers we slowly we climbed back up those numerous overgrown stone steps, winding between native tree ferns along the way.

As the native trees give way to fruit trees we know we are almost home...  

Triumphantly back at the house bearing flowers.  

I seriously pruned these bushes in the winter, knowing that if I cut back all the old, new fresh flowers would take their place come summer.

I think about the parallels in life too.  How when you "cut out" all the extras, the clutter, the stuff, it leaves space for fresh new things to come along.   



  1. OH BOY THAT'S SO TRUE! beautiful words, pictures and flowers. xxx


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