Easy Peasy Cake

February 11, 2013

We are really conscious of what our little girl eats, and to be honest she very rarely has anything sweet other than fruit.  We believe that if she doesn't know about sugary sweets and soda then she isn't missing out.  Soon enough this will change with exposure to these types of food at birthday parties and play dates etc., but as much as possible we try and remain sugar free.  Yep, at almost two she is yet to have her first chocolate biscuit.

So when we were offered fruit cake while visiting some dear friends, I was hesitant for my little girl to eat any.  My friend assured me it was pretty healthy by giving me the ingredients, but I was most pleasantly surprised with what wasn't in it.

Super yummy, a big hit with the kiddo, easy to make and even freezes well.  My kind of cake!  So with her kind permission to share the recipe - here it is...

1 kilo of dried fruit
Soak it overnight in 2 cups of orange juice
The next day add 2 cups of self raising flour  and 2 teaspoons of vanilla
Bake it two hours at 120C

How cool is that!

I made a batch today and this amount of mixture made enough to fill one regular muffin tray (pictured) plus a regular loaf tin.  I substituted white flour with spelt (or you could use whole-meal) and added a teaspoon of baking powder per cup of flour to make it self-raising.

The little muffin ones made a fun shape for small hands, and the loaf shape was for the grown-ups to have as a slice :)   I think we might invest in a super tiny muffin tray so we can make them smaller as one of this size is quite a bit for a little one to get through.  They freeze well too.



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  1. I'll be trying that recipe for sure, super easy! We used to tell Eloise that dried apricots were lollies and she loved her "lollies". It got harder once she was older though and discovered the real "lollies"!


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