Hand Spun

July 01, 2013

So it turns out I am not a natural born spinner.

Indeed, anyone looking at these pictures who is a spinner will surely be having a little bit of a chuckle at my rather "interesting" looking yarn, but I am unbelievably excited about starting my journey into the world of spinning.

I met up with a group of girlfriends over the weekend and together we learnt the basics from the amazingly patient, kind and ever diplomatic Louana.

I can now say I know what a Niddy Noddy and a Lazy Kate is, and can almost get my wheel spinning in the same direction!  Discovering that yarn is more than just one strand was a bit of a revelation too.  After spinning up two bobbins, it was really fun to ply them together and end up with something that looks vaguely like yarn.

I have seriously found a new appreciation for hand spun wool and feeling incredibly proud of my wonky and obviously amateur skein.   For my family who know my personal story - who would have thought that I could ever, ever have a go at something like this...

Thanks girls, can't wait until next time.  I think I'll be practicing a little bit more in the meantime!


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  1. Fun and Well done you! I'd be proud too!

  2. I think you're yarn looks delicious....remember it's unicorn yarn! :)) Looking forward to seeing you're progress :) xx

  3. Unicorn yarn -
    Very proud of you
    I need LOTS of practise - the wheel going in the right direction is a bonus!

  4. Spinning is such fun, you'll never regret learning!

  5. Oh the beautiful Unicorn yarn!!
    i really enjoyed the lesson too. i am totally hooked, now Im hunting for a wheel.
    Was lovely to see you


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